Multi Role Vessel

The company provides a multi role vessel to Kinsale Energy called the M.V. OCEAN SPEY



The Multi Role function provides both supply and standby or ERRV to the two platforms in the Kinsale gas field.

Mainport is a member of ERRVA, The Association represents the owners and operators of the UK Continental Shelf Emergency Response and Rescue Vessels (ERRV’s).


The Supply role is providing a logistical link between the platform and the shore. The vessel transports both crew and supplies to and from the platform.

The vessel is designed to transport a wide range of cargo. It also has more maneuverability so enable it to operate in close proximity to the platform for transfer of equipment, supplies and personnel.

The ‘Standby’ or ERRV function of the vessel is for safety. The vessel is equipped with addition Fast Rescue craft (FRC), Medical equipment and man overboard retrieval equipment in the form of a Decon Scoop. The crew receives additional specialist training to be permitted to crew a vessel of this type.

The vessel is considered on standby once on location, however when within 500m of the platform the vessel is said to be on close standby.

Mainport  sold the MV Pearl and the MV Ocean Spey was her  upgraded replacement. The MV Pearl  had worked in the Kinsale gas field since 2003 and was sold in 2016 by Mainport