River Lee Clean up: 2016 Annual Report

Mainport are delighted we have now completed 10 years of supporting keeping our river Lee clean from all man made debris and rubbish . We have recovered over 1,300 items from the river over a 10 year period , and again in 2016 there were 31 large shopping trollies taken out of the river . […]

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A Day In The Life of a Mainport Deck Cadet

Audrius 2

Mainport runs a Cadet program with NMCI Cork, one of our Cadets – Audrius  has written about both a normal day and ship-to-ship operations day onboard the Mainport Pine. Normal Day aboard Mainport Pine 0530 – Get up and prepare myself for the day’s work. 0540 – Go down to mess room and have my breakfast. […]

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Sale of Celtic Banner

Kolka 3

Shortly after the purchase of the Celtic Fergus a buyer was found for the Celtic Banner, whom she replaces,  a team from Celtic Tugs delivered her to her new home in Lowestoft, United Kingdom with Eastern Marine Services on 19th April 2016.  

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Purchase & Heavy Lift of Celtic Fergus


Mainport have recently acquired a new Tug ex-Efesan Port for Celtic Tugs to be based in Foynes on the River Shannon and to replace one of our older tugs the Celtic Banner, she was delivered to Cork from Diliskelesi, Turkey on 30th March 2016, she has been renamed the Celtic Fegus after the River Fergus […]

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ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Mainport are one of the few companies in Ireland who have achieved and migrated to the new 2015 revision of ISO 9001 Standards both for the Head Office in Cork and for Monahan’s in Drogheda. For more information on the new ISO revision please see http://www.iso.org/iso/iso9001_revision 19.1715HQ 1 Irish Mainport Holdings Ltd INAB & IQNET […]

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Mainport Cedar – World Food Program


The Mainport Cedar has been operating on a slightly unusual contract for 9 months assisting the UN World Food Program by transporting humanitarian aid and UN Passengers to Yemen.

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Rebel Tour Cycle


Mainport’s Pat Quirke, Damien O’Sullivan, Dave Smith and Sean Murphy took part in the Rebel Tour Cycle with the Port of Cork Team, which is an 85km route in Glengariff, West Cork with Port of Cork on September 12th 2015 to raise money for Anam Cara and Seamen’s Friend Society.

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River Lee clean-up 2014

At Irish Mainport Holdings ware very proud to be involved in the great work cleaning the River Lee by Meitheal Mara. Started in 2007 the River Lee Clean-up programme has now entered its 9th year, boasting an impressive 1018 items removed from the river to date, and recycled 1.5 tonnes of metal in 2014 alone. […]

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