2016 Meitheal Mara Annual Report

Mainport are delighted we have now completed 10 years of supporting keeping our river Lee clean from all man mad debris and rubbish . We have recovered over 1,300 items from the river over a 10 year period , and again in 2016 there were 31 large shopping trollies taken out of the river . These trollies are awkward and heavy to handle , and we just cannot understand why someone would go to the trouble and effort to throw a shopping trolley into the river , rather than returning it the shop and retrieving the coin deposit .
And even more incredibly there were another 18 life buoys recovered .

Why would people want to throw life buoys into the river , when they are there to help save lives ? Just mind boggling .

See the 2016 annual report which we have received from our friends in Meitheal Mara who continue to carry out a great job in promoting our river with various festivals and events . Well done to all in Meitheal Mara

2016 Annaul Report