Mainport continue to support Cork Seaman’s Mission

The company continues to provide support to the local seafarer’s mission which is an invaluable service to those who are often a long way from home.

Dear Dermot, Dave, Sean, Phil and friends in Ronayne Shipping,

Thank you so much for your ongoing interest in our charitable work among the
seafarers and your generous gift to support us. It’s great to know you are thinking of
us and remembering us in our work among the nomads of the sea. A big “thank you”
to all the cyclists as well. We really appreciate your support. Between yourselves and
the Port charity cycle ride we received a grand sum of €465. Shipping is the ‘life
blood’ of world trade, and merchant seafarers are the sometimes forgotten ‘taxi men
and women of the sea’. You can see our Filipino friends from Mainport Kells Jerry and
Rodel in the pictures below with us. Today I met Captain Navi as well.

Last week I visited a ship which hadn’t been in port for around a year. Some of the
Indian crew remembered me from before and I had good conversations with 2 crew
who are from a Muslim island called Minicoy. On Wednesday I visited an oil tanker in
Whitegate which has around 20 Indians on board. Some of them remember me from
6 months ago. And one Hindu man (25 years old) requested prayer to stop his hair
falling out. Because the last time when I prayed for the cook’s shoulder his pain
disappeared! Seafarers from all religious backgrounds (and none) all appreciate a
friendly visitor in the port who is there simply to help them and listen to them.

We really value your financial and practical support. You have been such a blessing
to us over the past 11 years of ministry. Thousands of seafarers’ lives have been
touched and changed by your support. Thanks for partnering with us.
The work on the ships continues day by day. Thanks again for all your support and
God bless you,
Colin, Sunhwa


Seamans Mission Letter 1

Seamans Mission Letter 2

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