Mainport’s long term business success depends upon the ability to continually improve product and service quality while safe guarding people and environment.

The Company is also committed to the objectives of the International Safety Management Code and will comply with such objectives with the full resources at their command.

To ensure that the SMS is implemented and maintained, the Company has appointed a Designated Person Ashore who shall ensure the safe operation of its vessels and provide a communications link between Mainport shore Management and on-board Management. The DPA has access to the highest level of management within the Mainport organisation.

Management has a leadership role in communicating, implementing and complying with Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) policies in which we work and live. The Company shall continually monitor and improve its policy and procedures by carrying out regular audits and reviews to ensure conformity to our QHSE System.

Emphasis is continually placed on human health, operational safety environmental protection and quality improvement while endeavouring to meet with client requirements and QHSE standards.

The various operations carried out by Mainport will be continuously assessed and analysed for risk of injury to persons, property and risk of pollution of the environment. This will be achieved by internal and external audits and reviews of the vessels and their operations. This Policy outlines the procedures to be followed during operations and the Masters shall ensure that the system is understood and followed by all those under their command.

Mainport endeavour to identify risks and provides safeguards to nullify as far as possible such risks. Instructions regarding the implementation of the QHSE/Safety Management System are circulated to employees and the recording and reporting procedures are implemented so as to allow a continuous assessment of the safety ethos of the Company.

Mainport requires active commitment for all QHSE issues throughout the Group, from all employees, both on shore and offshore. Personnel shall at all times be encouraged to recognise and measure non-conformities within the company’s operations and to be committed, follow up and to take the appropriate corrective action.